Angeiology - Phlebology
A medical speciality
Angiology is a non-surgical specialty related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of venous, arterial, lymphatic, and microcirculatory diseases.
Phlebology, an integral part of angiology, is solely the study of venous diseases.
A young speciality
Started in Europe, specifically in France in the 1980's, angiology now exists in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and also in North America. The training of doctors specialising in vascular diseases has allowed for improved prevention and treatment in these countries of such diseases as varicose veins, leg ulcers, thromboses, arteritis, and cerebral vascular diseases.
Naturally, it is highly recommended that circulatory troubles of all types be treated as early as possible to achieve superior therapeutic efficacy, as well as lower treatment costs.
An exclusive speciality
The angiologist/phlebologist is above all a doctor with a degree in vascular pathology, who has chosen the sole practice of his specialty after nine years of study. The angiologist is a clinician verse in haematodynamics who performs and interprets himself the complementary tests (Duplex scan, etc.). He is also a therapeutist whose field runs the gamut of non-surgical treatments.
The medical specialist who chooses to practice angiology as his exclusive activity thus offers his patients the benefit of not only a wide range of competences in the field, but also of the totality of diagnostic and therapeutic methods offered today by modern medicine.

Of the 55 million people living in France, 11 million suffer from a venous insufficiency of the lower members and one million suffer from arteritis of the lower members. About 300,000 deep venous thromboses of the lower members occur each year, and 10,000 terminal pulmonary embolisms are diagnosed each year as well. Thanks to better prevention and earlier, less costly and more reliable detection, these complications are subsiding.

Public awareness and wider access to modern medicine are key to a better approach to these diseases.