The fees
Fees are fixed and independent of the treatment (arterial, venous, lymphatic, microcirculatory problems, etc.)

Each doctor performs himself the clinical exam, the complementary tests, and the treatment (ex: sclerotherapy).
Injections are performed by doctors only.

Whichever the motive of the first consultation may be (varicose veins, arteritis, thrombosis, oedemas...), the clinical exam always includes a duplex scan.

Visits last approximatively 20 minutes.

All first-time consultations include for a total fee of 200 in LONDON and for a total fee of 130 in HORSHAM:
- Medical History
- Clinical Exam
- Duplex-scan
- Treatment

Varicose veins or thread veins sclerotherapy typically requires several follow-up treatment sessions.
Follow-up sessions are charged 80 / 120 in London.
Echo-guided-foam-sclerotherapy is charged 100

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