Clinics & Fees
The doctors
Doctors, in our phlebology / angiology clinics, have degrees in vascular pathology and have been practicing for many years as consultants in both private and public clinics.

Members of vascular medicine companies, our doctors have written various articles in specialised publications and have made numerous presentations at national and international conferences on subjects such as: "arterial and venous echography", "classic sclerotherapy", "sclerotherapy by catheter","foam sclerotherapy", "scarring problems", etc...

La Maison Medicale in London
Horsham Vein Clinic
The fees
Fees are fixed and independent of the treatment (arterial, venous, lymphatic, microcirculatory problems, etc.)

Each doctor performs himself the clinical exam, the complementary tests, and the treatment (ex: sclerotherapy).
Injections are performed by doctors only.

Whichever the motive of the first consultation may be (varicose veins, arteritis, thrombosis, oedemas...), the clinical exam always includes a duplex scan.

Visits last approximatively 20 minutes.

All first-time consultations include for a total fee of 200 in LONDON and for a total fee of 130 in HORSHAM:
- Medical History
- Clinical Exam
- Duplex-scan
- Treatment

Varicose veins or thread veins sclerotherapy typically requires several follow-up treatment sessions.
Follow-up sessions are charged 80 / 120 in London.
Echo-guided-foam-sclerotherapy is charged 100

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